Greenstone develops renewable energy technologies and uses technology to build energy companies.


 Name: Greenstone Co., Ltd.

 Location: 1422, 14th floor, Dong-A Venture Tower, 59, Oncheon-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

  Business Areas

  •       Solar power generation
  •       Other Renewable Energy Development
  •       Development of power generation monitoring system
  •       Establishment of facility management system

  Solar power generation

    Development and construction of land, building, solar power generation facility installation technology

  Other Renewable Energy Development

     Development of new and renewable energy technologies such as wind power, bio-thermal power, and tidal power

  Development of power generation monitoring system

     Monitoring system and various structures for one system management

  Establishment of facility management system 

    Unlike conventional nuclear or thermal power, renewable energy is scattered throughout the country on a relatively small scale. Develop platforms for trading of these power plants